Audulus 1.5 Now Available!

Audulus 1.5 is now live on the Mac App Store. Here’s a video that shows some of the new features.

This is a big update. Here’s what’s new:

  • Added support for Audio Unit Software Instruments!
  • We’re phasing out support for the .amp file format. Added new .audulus file format. Please update your patches to the new format.
  • Added 7 new examples!
  • Inputs and outputs are now circular to show the their entire interaction region.
  • New compact UI for the Osc node.
  • Added Sample & Hold node.
  • Added Reverb node.
  • Improved Delay node: added mix and feedback knobs.
  • Added Seq16 16-step sequencer node.
  • Improved Filter node UI. Now shows cutoff frequency while dragging.
  • Updated cutoff frequency response curve for better low-frequency accuracy. Hold shift while dragging to fine-tune the cutoff frequency.
  • Now always show CPU load.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.